Budget Vacation in Costa Rica

“Travel is the one thing you can purchase in life that is sure to make you richer.” Not only does this make a great Instagram caption, it also captures the spirit of our budget vacations. Our savvy trip planners can work with any budget to come up with incredible itineraries. Costa Rica vacations are more affordable than you think, and are well worth the memories.


You don’t have to be a millionaire to appreciate Costa Rica’s priceless scenery. Hiking is one of the best ways to see the rainforest and the volcanoes, and also one of the most budget-friendly. Spend all day lounging on a white sand beach with clear water, for a whopping 0 dollars. When you sign up for tours and activities, keep in mind that our guides and instructors are dedicated to ensuring you have a good time, and offers tours with lots of bang for the buck.

Tips on Traveling Smart

Ready to travel savvy? Discuss your travel priorities with our trip planners and we'll craft the best possible itinerary at no extra cost. Would you like to get outside and experience Costa Rica to the fullest? If so, you probably won't spend a ton of time in your hotel room. You might choose to stay at a less lavish hotel but plan numerous tours and activities. Do you love trying new food? Forego the trendy international restaurants, and instead opt for tasty sodas (small restaurants that serve homestyle cooking), or stock up on staples at the supermarket. Our experts are ready to help you plan where to go and what to get.

Affordable Travel in Costa Rica

Anywhere Travel has access to affordable hotels and tour providers across the country. During your budget vacation you can visit volcanoes, beaches, and cloud forests. You'll stay in high-quality, economical lodging while we provide you with the same excellent trip planning and support you would receive on a luxury vacation.

Free Trip Planning for Every Budget

Tell us your vacation priorities so we can design an affordable Costa Rica vacation package. It’s especially important to book in advance for a budget vacation – the more time we have to plan, the more deals we can find.

Let our customers answer your questions

Is Your Planning Service Free?

Yes! The rates are the same if you book directly with the hotels and tours. We offer the additional value of an expert planner to ensure your trip is perfect.

How Does Your Service Work?

We listen to your vision for your trip and ensure that your experience exceeds all of your expectations. Think of us as the “Zappos of Travel.” We do more than book your reservations — we take a holistic approach and create seamless plans.

Can I Trust You?

We have planned thousands of vacations for people just like you. Our mission to redefine and simplify travel planning began in 2006 in Costa Rica, and it continues to this very moment. With over a decade of travel planning experience, we are confident that we can craft your perfect vacation for free.